Imran Khan
Co-founder & Creative Managing Director
Imran Khan was born in Srinagar but lived most of his life in New Delhi. He’s a BBA and a Masters in International Journalism from Cardiff University (UK). As a journalist he has worked for Kashmir Monitor and then Rising Kashmir newspapers, covering issues related to business and economy, conflict and politics in Kashmir. He also worked as a Senior Correspondent in Bombay for the national channel Times Now. He is a passionate mountaineer and snowboarder. It was while living in the Netherlands in 2011 when Imran co-founded Kashmir Shawl Atelier. He is responsible for all the creative aspects of the ecommerce including design, photography and content.
Judit Algueró
Communications Managing Director
Born in Catalonia (Spain), Judit Algueró is a polyglot and an experience junkie. She is a traveller and has lived in France, Finland, UK, the Netherlands. Currently residing in India, she is a Masters in International Journalism from Cardiff University (UK), were she specialised in broadcasting. Before joining Kashmir Shawl Atelier, she reported on the International Criminal Court and worked for the public affairs section of Special Tribunal for Lebanon in The Hague (The Netherlands). Judit is the editor of the KSA blog and is also responsible for the communications and marketing strategies.
Salomé Llop
Co-founder & Sales Managing Director
Salomé Llop has over thirty years of experience in sales in Spain and before co-founding Kashmir Shawl Atelier, she was a sales manager for the Catalonia and Aragón regions for an international insurance company. Her role in KSA is to oversee all commercial processes, including logistics, sales and categorisation of products.
Sabeena Khan
Purchases and Quality Control
Sabeena Khan is a BA in Humanities from the University of Kashmir. With an experience of over ten years in traditional Indian clothing, she owned a designer boutique in Kashmir. As a part of Kashmir Shawl Atelier, she is our connoisseur of Kashmiri shawls and is involved in the process of selection and quality control.