Kashmir Shawl Atelier was founded in 2011, first in the capital city of Srinagar (Kashmir, India) and then in Tarragona (Spain).  Today our client base extents over several countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas and everyday we are committed to take this ancient craft across the world.

Driven by a passion to defend and preserve this ancient tradition of Kashmiri craftsmanship, our products are designed with a blend of modern and ancient techniques of shawl-making. From detailed hand made embroideries to colourful fusions, our collection is characterised by their unique fibres, stunning detail and exceptional textile weave. While the best quality shawls and stoles are made of pure pashmina, which comes from a rare Himalayan goat, our collection also includes designs made from some of the best Kashmiri wool and silk. Our Shawls and stoles are designed by master craftsmen with decades of experience and every product is further selected and inspected by experts to ensure the finest quality.

The handicrafts industry in Kashmir occupies an important place in its culture and economy as it provides a living to over half a million people. However, throughout history the craftsmen of the valley have been suffering either under the rule of monarchies or due to political instability, which continues even today in Kashmir. As a result, everyday more and more craftsmen are leaving this art, primarily to look for financially stable opportunities in order to support their families. As time passes by, the market for indigenous handmade Kashmiri shawls and carpets is declining at an alarming rate and the failure of the government to support this traditional art has further led to its downfall.

With an aim to start a revolution in the Kashmir handicraft sector, we strive to empower these artisans by taking their products to the world and helping them in spreading this unique tradition throughout the globe. We have also taken up the responsibility to convey their unheard stories through articles and news reports in our online blog focused exclusively on Kashmir handicrafts.

We are driven by a passion to provide the very best services to our customers and through our user-friendly web store, our collection can now be purchased from anywhere in the world.