The 6 most essential care tips to keep your pashmina new forever

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Taking good care of your most adored pashminas not only ensures that they stay in the best condition possible, but it also helps maintain their shape and prolong their lifespan. Whether its food, cigarette odour or an accidental stain, taking the right step at the right moment can make a huge difference and the following essential steps can ensure the longevity of your most favourite scarves and shawls.

1. Brushing

No one can avoid coming in contact dust or dirt in our day to day lives. Unfortunately, the dust settles on our pashminas eventually leads to stains later. But with that help of a soft brush, you can avoid those stains, that can dull the appearance of your lovely pashmina. Simply brush your scarf or shawl lengthwise and this might reduce the possibility of any stains forming in the future. Be aware that brush should be used gently, in order to avoid any threads from breaking.

2. Airing

Prolonged exposure to odours like cigarettes and food can be quite difficult to remove. Airing your shawls on time can help you get rid of them. Lay the pashmina flat on a bed or on a towel for about an hour or hang the shawl in fresh air.

3. Resting

By letting your favourite pashminas rest for approximately 24 hours gives natural resilience and spring to the wool fibers. This also helps them recover and return to their original shape. Hanging them in a steamy bathroom also helps refresh them.

4. Ironing

Shawls and scarves always look better if pressed. By simply using an iron on the steam mode can transform your pashmina and make it look as good as new.

5. Dry away from direct sunlight

If your pashmina accidently gets wet, never use a dryer and always try and dry them at room temperature, far away from the sun. In case of stains, you check our article on how to was a shawl at home.

6. Storage

Since food stains and body oils attract moths, you should ensure your shawls is clean before packing it away. Always use airtight packs or containers. Use of traditional techniques such as spices can also help your prevent any damage by insects.

Follow these easy steps to make your pashmina look even better as time goes by. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter  for weekly care tips!

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