The Kashmir shawl: the perfect gift this Christmas

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Thinking of buying the perfect present this season? Whether its a gift for a relative, a friend or a co-worker, buying your perfect gift is always the most difficult decision in every festive season. It’s a process that needs planning and time. In fact, many people end up shopping at the last-minute because they put off the inevitable.

With our collection of unique shawls and stoles, you can make your Christmas shopping easy and merry at the same time. Brighten up this festive season with Kashmir Shawl Atelier‘s stunning and stylish collection and you will have people cherishing your gifts forever. At our 2013 Christmas shop, you can explore from a wide range of styles and designs of beautiful shawls both for him and her. Instead of aimlessly buying gifts throughout the season, you can now use our shopping guide, full of surprises, to bring a smile to your family and friends. We have shawls suitable for all budgets and tastes!

From the embroidered shawls made with thin needles of our elegant sozni collection to our unique range of beautiful pure pashminas, our collection this christmas is designed to help you find a gift without the inconvenience of leaving you home or even making a decision on what to buy. The best part is that all the gift orders are shipped within 24 hours and there is no minimum order required. Christmas shopping is about to get a whole lot easier!

This comprehensive list of gift ideas includes something for everyone:


A form of embroidery using thin needles and therefore a very fine and accurate art requiring much skill and attention to detail.

Choose from our wide range of sozni shawls and stoles woven with pashmina and premium Kashmir wool starting from €62.


A form of embroidery using thick needles to produce larger pieces of designs in the shawls. Ari shawls and stoles can be both hand and machine-made.

Choose from our wide range of Ari shawls and stoles woven with premium Kashmir wool starting from €57.

DSC07196 copy


This shawl is woven with special wooden needles, called ‘kanis’ in Kashmiri, hence the name ‘kani shawls’.

Choose from our wide range of Kani shawls and stoles woven with premium Kashmir wool starting from €44.

DSC07218 copy


Our range of plain stoles is a diverse blend of pure pashmina, wool-pashmina and silk-pashmina, each piece is hand-woven by craftsmen to produce a fine stole.

Choose from our diverse collection of solid stoles woven starting from €34.

DSC06510 copy


A distinct range of stoles printed with Kashmiri patterns on raw Kashmir silk. The collection also includes a combination of silk-pashmina, silk-viscose or silk-cotton.

Choose from all our silk stoles woven starting from €20.

A merry christmas and a happy new year from Kashmir Shawl Atelier!

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