The magnificent men’s shawl

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Did you know that shawls were essentially a male garment? It was the love of the Mughal kings for this art that revolutionised the shawl weaving industry in Kashmir, giving it the shape and form that eventually made them famous in the West. They wore them daily to protect themselves from the cold but especially to show their grandeur, as its degree of fineness was traditionally accepted as a mark of nobility.

In Kashmir and the rest of India, men’s shawls are still used in traditional wear, specially at formal events like weddings, and gifted to dignitaries as a sign of respect. This shawl is generally a lot bigger compared to the women’s shawls, measuring up to 3 m long and 1,5 m wide! Because of the amount of pashmina that is required to make these huge shawls, it is a very valuable and luxurious garment that is often passed on through generations. They are also made in 100% wool and available with and without embroidery.

How would you wear such a big shawl? Would you dare to leave aside your everyday coat or jacket and wrap yourself around in this warm Kashmir shawl? Here we show you how it is traditionally worn in Kashmir, get inspired!

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