The shawl: gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Finding that perfect Valentine’s Day gift is probably the most difficult experience for both men as well as women. Being able to narrow down the best present for that person can reflect how much you care. There is nothing in the world that’s as elegant and beautiful as a soft Kashmir shawl.

At Kashmir Shawl Atelier, we have handpicked a few gift ideas for him and her that can never go wrong and could be a statement on what they really mean to you!

Chal azul de pashmina pura

Blue pure pashmina stole, 250€

Chal blanco marfil con tejido completo kani

Ivory stole with all over kani weave, 69 €

DSC07331 copy

Blue stole with sozni border embroidery, 79€

Chal naranja de pashmina pura con bordado lateral sozni

Orange pure pashmina shawl with border sozni embroidery, 180€

Chal granate con bordado lateral Ari

Red stole with border Ari embroidery, 69€

Chal multicolor con tejido completo kani

Multicoloured stole with all over kani weave, 119€Chal bicolor a cuadros

Beige checked stole, 55€

35a copy

Multicolour stole with kani weave, 44€


Beige stole with kani border weave, 69 €


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