Wrap a pashmina around yourself against the cold!

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Winter is here and the lowest temperatures of the year are more than evident every time we step out on the streets. At Kashmir Shawl Atelier we really love the arrival of cold weather: days start to get longer, the afternoon’s sun gifts us with its warmth and its finally the time to enjoy winter sports… But above all, one of the best gifts in the winters is that we can literally wrap ourselves in our pashmina and woollen shawls, feeling protected by its texture and warmth. A delight!

Pashmina, the original name of cashmere wool, comes from a goat that lives at over 5.000 m in the Himalayan mountain range. When temperatures drop down to -35º C, the only thing protecting these animals from the bitter cold is their warm winter coat. Upon the arrival of spring, this inner coat is used to produce the magnificent pashmina wool. A light and beautiful insulator, this wool is finally woven by the artisans of Kashmir during the spring months to create our most luxurious range of shawls at our online store.

It doesn’t matter where you live or how bad weather conditions will be during this winter, simply wrap a pashmina shawl and enjoy its charm. Here we leave you with some ideas about how to wear our shawls this season.

Get the look of the Swiss blogger Michèle K. from The Fashion Fraction combining a solid red stole together with this soft checked stole in black and white.


We love the simplicity of this look from the blog My daily style and suggest you to wear this maroon shawl with border sozni embroidery because of its softness, beauty and especially its size (1m wide and 2m long!).


And look at this original way of wearing a shawl like Ane from the blog Look and Chic!

just-another.me:snow-day:And for those snowy days, you can choose this shawl embroidered with paisleys like Lisa Dengler, from the blog  Just Another Fashion Blogger.

We wish you a very happy 2014 and hope you get inspired by these looks!

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